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Seven hundred years ago, the most daring merchants of western Europe traveled east on the silk road to reach the fabled land of Cathay in order to bring back some of the exotic treasures of the world’s most innovative and industrious culture of the time. The inventions of China are too numerous to do justice to here, but they include not only silk cloth, but gunpowder, the magnetic compass, movable type, paper, porcelain, printing, sternpost rudders, and wheelbarrows. After the silk road was closed in the mid 1400s, the merchants of Europe were determined to sail to China, and to his dying day, Columbus refused to admit that he had failed to reach that glorious destination.
We, Naomi Li and Alex Novack, are aficionados of Chinese craftsmanship. Pursuing our passion, we devoted three years in China to bring some of the exotic aura of this eastern treasure-land to modern America.
We worked with master craftsman ShiFu Hou JiangWen, who is located near BeiJing in the city of ZhengDing in Hebei province. Our goal was to design and construct a limited set of stunningly beautiful handcrafted Tansu casepieces.
The impeccable craftsmanship of Master Hou covers every nuance of these unique wonders: their exhilarating, immense size, weighing 900 lb; their exquisite, spacious drop-front desk with stunning temple-gate interior; their hand-wrought ironwork that decorates the face from top to bottom and that provides handles and hinges for the doors and the drawers.
The list price for one cabinet is $30,000, but the price is subject to negotiation. The cabinets are housed in Kent and are available for viewing by appointment.
Allow us to introduce you to the wonders of Cathay, which Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus devoted their lives to discover.



Wood: Japanese pagoda tree (Sophora japonica) (aka: scholar tree). In Japan , this premium hardwood is known as “enjyu” and is used in high-end traditional Japanese handcrafted items like wooden trays for tea sets. It is prized as an exceptionally hard wood with an explicit and beautiful grain pattern. — IT IS A NON-ENDANGERED, LOCALLY (to BeiJing) AND RESPONSIBLY HARVESTED WOOD.
-Janka hardness: 1600 (harder than oak, elm, mahogany, cherry, or teak)

Hardware: Iron: handcut, (hinges: hand-formed), sandblasted, phosphated, hand-drilled, hand oil rubbed

Nails: Iron: custom made, hand-sharpened one at a time

Joinery: no screws, no nails, no pegs — all traditional & complex mortise & tenon type joinery.

Dimensions: 79.5″ High x 67″ Wide x 27.5″ Deep =
6.625′ High x 5.58′ Wide x 2.3′ Deep


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